Working Bees

Opening of the Mushroom Garden Space

Last Tuesday 14th August we celebrated the official opening of the Mushroom Outdoor Garden Space.  This is the latest project completed by the Grounds Committee and is situated outside Room 6 in the Street.  This renovated space comprises garden beds… Continue Reading →

Improving our school grounds

The weather was kind to us on Saturday when parents and staff worked on improving parts of our school grounds.  The Working Bee took place between 8am and 12.30pm with two significant projects achieved.  The first was to begin the… Continue Reading →

Can you help improve our grounds?

On SATURDAY 30TH JUNE the Grounds Committee have organised a Working Bee.  There are a number of small projects around the school grounds that require many hands rather than just the groundsperson’s.  The Working Bee will commence at 8am in the Street and… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Play Shop Frontages

Construction of the outdoor play shop frontages is underway outside Room 10 adjacent to the garden.  Metal framework has been made ready for the fronts to be attached and paving put down.  We were fortunate to have several hours of… Continue Reading →

Exciting Grounds Projects This November: Help Needed

We are working on a number  of projects in our school grounds, that will have a great impact on our students’  learning and enjoyment .  They are not big, difficult projects, but they do require some help from parents, to… Continue Reading →

Being, Belonging, Making a Contribution … It Was More Than Planting!

We hope that every student will look back in years to come and  remember that they got their hands dirty and planted something in their school grounds at the end  of  May 2016.  We were investing in every student making connections… Continue Reading →

Arrangements For Next Week’s Planting Working Bees … please help for an hour

We want students to be involved in planting so that they remember they created this impact on our school environment. For this to happen we need help. This is a buddy class activity and about 36 plants per two classes… Continue Reading →

Now for the Musical Instruments … Carpenters needed

We love our new gates that have been constructed with great skill and care by Scott and Rob Gill and Owen  McIver.  We really appreciate their superb effort and great expertise they  applied to create a lovely asset for the school…. Continue Reading →

Working Bees on 30 and 31 May… Please help us plant 440 trees, shrubs and grasses

All classes will  participate in a major planting  around our oval on 30 and 31 May. The grounds committee is working hard to prepare for our major planting of  indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses for our Nature Play and Biodiversity Project. We… Continue Reading →

Kitchen Garden Working Bees … Volunteers Needed Throughout Next Week

Next week we are  planning a big  blitz in our Kitchen Garden… we are asking anyone who would  like to  make a difference in the garden to come along and spend as much (or as little time) as you can… Continue Reading →

Community Spirit … that’s what we model for our children

We have had some fabulous efforts by  our  Grounds committee and many volunteers  working on our Biodiversity  and Nature Play Project and we have thanked them for the great community  spirt they have shown. We continue to have  fabulous efforts that… Continue Reading →

Working Bee This Saturday from 9:00 am Show Your Community Spirit …Please Help!!

We need people with Wheel Barrows shovels and rakes to finish of the path around the oval … We need a small team to help install the fence rails and palings


During this week we need volunteers to come in and paint fence palings.  There are more than three hundred palings and they all need to be painted before they can be installed  on our fence, this Saturday.  They are being stored… Continue Reading →

Thank You To Our Great Workers!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our wonderful volunteers we got a huge amount achieved on Saturday morning. The posts  timber fence and gates have been  installed; a giant job all accomplished Friday night and early Saturday morning.  A huge thank… Continue Reading →

VOLUNTEERS FROM ALL CLASSES NEEDED… Working Bees Saturdays 22 and 29 August Between 9:00 am and 12:00pm … Creating Paths, Moving Soil, Building Fence

To spread the load over the two Saturdays we are suggesting that families with students in even numbered class numbers may like to come on 22 August and those with students in odd numbered classes may like to come on 29 August…. Continue Reading →

Fence To Go Ahead But Working Bees Rescheduled … Good News Regarding Soil for our Mounds

This is not the Fence!! But could this type of fence work as our fence #2? Thank you to those who had offered to help with our first Working Bees for construction of fence #1: the  chain mesh fence on Edward Beck… Continue Reading →

Working Bees – 20 and 27 June. Construct Edward Beck Drive Fence #1

  Pictured above are students from Room 1 showing on the boundary Our Biodiversity and Nature Play Project will kick off with construction of a 70 metre fence  on  our oval boundary.  It will take two Working Bees which the Grounds Committee… Continue Reading →

Biodiveristy Project: Building the Edward Beck Drive Wall, Fence and Gates…. Qualified People Needed

The Grounds committee believes that early next term we should be able to take our first actions in relation to our Biodiversity and Nature Play Project.  Those first actions will involve the work on our Edward Beck Drive boundary.  As many… Continue Reading →

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