Tuesday the 2nd of April, 2024 (week 10) is World Autism Awareness Day. All classes will be participating in a range of learning experiences to increase our awareness of Autism.

After working alongside parents, staff and students, we know that learning about Autism in the classroom, growing community understanding of neurodivergence and becoming more understanding of students with Autism is our priority. Alongside the classroom activities, we will be sharing a series of short videos on our communication networks throughout the week. Please keep your eyes peeled for these videos and take the time to talk to your child about Autism. The first video can be viewed below!

On Tuesday morning before school and during recess time we will have 3 stations set up near the front office to put rainbow designs on student (and family members) hands. Rainbow colours are representative of Autism awareness. The simple rainbow swatch will be done using non toxic, skin safe and vegan face paint. Please contact me directly – christina.munro788@schools.sa.edu.au if you wish for your child to opt out of this activity.