What items are available over-the-counter at recess and lunchtime this year?

Below you can see the items and the prices. We try our best to make as many of these ‘homemade’ and by doing this we can add more of the healthy choices e.g. fruit and vegetables.

*Ice cream sandwiches (made from light ice cream) $1.50

*Frozen juice cups (4 flavours) (homemade from fruit juice) $1.00

*Frozen Quelsh (4 flavours) (made from fruit juice) $1.00 for full  50c for 1/2

*Anzac biscuits (homemade) 50c

*Large muffin (homemade, egg free) $1.00

*Mini muffin (homemade, egg free) 20c

*Popcorn (homemade) 30c

*Chocolate Custard (homemade) $1.00

*Jelly (homemade from fruit juice) $1.00

*Hot chocolate $1.00

*Red Rock Chips (2 flavours)  $2.00

*Juice boxes (3 flavours) $2.50

*Oak milk (2 flavours) $2.50

*Water $2.00

*Krazy Krush made from fruit juice (3 flavours) $2.50


Small quantities available

*Nachos (homemade) $2.00

*Garlic bread (homemade) 50c


These items can and do change depending on availability.  See the Woodies Goodies Menu below to help you and your child with item choices and current prices.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact our Canteen staff, Karen, Sindy or Jess on (08) 8322 6422.