Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our wonderful volunteers we got a huge amount achieved on Saturday morning. The posts  timber fence and gates have been  installed; a giant job all accomplished Friday night and early Saturday morning.  A huge thank you to Alex Moran, Steve Smith, Andrew Smith and  Ian Lees for their fantastic efforts.  We thank those who  moved and compacted the huge pile of road base for the path.   Through your efforts we have about 30% of the path done and we now have a good sense of how great this path will be!  We moved a huge amount of soil to create and reshaped mounds, thanks to an energetic group of parents, staff and children.  We loved the community spirit, the fun and the sense of achievement we all felt for a job well done.

Next Saturday morning, 29 August, the work continues.  We will be moving more quarry rubble to complete our path and we may be  moving some soil to create more mounds.  We will need a small team of people with drills, to install our fence rails and palings.  Anyone with carpentry skills, available?

PAINTERS NEEDED:  During this week we need volunteers to come in and paint the fence palings.  There are quite a few palings and they all need to be painted.  They are being stored in the pizza oven area along with the drop sheets.  Anyone who can spare any time, your efforts will be most appreciated. It’s going to be a perfect week for painting so why not get a few people together and give us a hand.

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