The year 5 and 6 groups worked on a real world problem, titled “Wirrina’s Water”. We have been working on this project since the start of term 1 to the end of term 1. We have all loved this project and we have developed our map reading skills and a whole other range of skills. We think map reading is one of the most important skills to learn because we will need to learn this skill in the future for projects. Teamwork was important in this project because teamwork involves cooperation with others and being able to understand their thoughts and connections. This was a fun and interesting project that helped us with our growth mindset, at times it was hard but it eventually paid off.

By Kaneeshq, Kaneesha, Sifi, Abby and Charlotte

Our Year 5/6 learning team has been collaborating with teams from KBR and Auricon to address a real issue being tackled by engineers working with SA Water.

With the growing population of residents and holidaymakers visiting the Wirrina Cove region, the existing reservoir is no longer sufficient as the primary water source. Our students have been exploring the ‘best’ way to connect this area with the Myponga Reservoir, which has a much greater capacity to provide the volume of water needed now and into the future.

This is a complex problem with many competing factors to consider. Students participated in a site visit to better understand the landscape and engaged in regular Q&A sessions with the program engineers and project managers. Teams considered cost, cultural and environmental impacts, time, maintenance, convenience, and many other factors in their decision-making.

This project has provided students with the opportunity to work in teams, establish roles and responsibilities, communicate with one another, seek advice from experienced industry professionals, and represent their ideas in ways that demonstrate their thinking. All teams persisted through challenges in navigating this complex problem and presenting a possible solution. The skills and capabilities being developed by students are invaluable for developing our thinkers and change-makers of the future!

Last Tuesday, all groups presented to the STEM team, where six teams were selected to come back for a second round of presentations. These were made to the senior leadership team overseeing the project, as well as the Executive Director for Marion Coast, Heather Markis, and our principal, deputy principal, and their teachers.

We are proud of the growth and achievements of our students through this project and can share that the visiting STEM team highlighted the values demonstrated by our students in stepping up and supporting one another to be successful, and caring for their team members.