We are working on a number  of projects in our school grounds, that will have a great impact on our students’  learning and enjoyment .  They are not big, difficult projects, but they do require some help from parents, to allow us to get them complete over the next three or four weeks.  The plans for these simple constructions have already been drawn up so there is only help needed to do some simple constructions.  Here they are:


    • Yr 7 Memento Project: Our Yr 7 students  have already helped to relocate our southern boundary fence to extend  the usable space in the castle area. This year’s  Yr 7 Memento Project will also include small hardwood decking (about 1mX 4 m) between the trees and fence, a 3.6 m high tower  and four shields installed on the fence. We are calling on parents of Yr 7 students to help the students create these things. Mostly this is about helping to cut marine ply and bolt it to  steel posts.  The deck is also very simple.  Holes will already be dug for all posts.
    • Early Years’ Play Project: We will be fastening  marine ply sheets  to steel posts to make  3  simple Shop counters  and facades outside  Rm 10.  Post holes will already be dug and this is just installing the posts cutting and fastening the marine ply to the posts.  We will be creating a dragon seat (concrete, about 3m x 0.4m high) and sensory garden  (plants  and differ types of paving) outside Rm 6.  On the Rm 5 decking  we will make a simple bow of a boat (only about 0.6m high and 2.4 m sides) out of marine ply and timber posts. It will have small port holes cut into it and  a flag pole.  Everything would be painted …and repainted by students as the use  and themes change.  We are asking JP teachers to appeal to families for help to construct these.  img_9065 img_9067
    • Biodiversity and Nature Play Project on the Oval: If anyone would  like to give our grounds committee parents a hand on any of the following projects, it would be appreciated. 
      • Outdoor musical instruments. Four instruments are currently being constructed by parents on our grounds committee: Brett Simes, Simon Cheney, Patrick Tohu, Scott Gill, Owen McIver
      • A Trellis for climbing plants in the Butterfly Garden at the south western end  of the oval is being constructed by two parents from the grounds committee: Andrew Smith and Steve Smith
      • Ken McTaggart, our groundsman, will install 2 m high Chin Up Bars ( for senior students) as part of the fitness circuit activities on the oval path.