We have had some fabulous efforts by  our  Grounds committee and many volunteers  working on our Biodiversity  and Nature Play Project and we have thanked them for the great community  spirt they have shown.

We continue to have  fabulous efforts that all add up to a great culture at our school.

  • Thank you to  the  Meaney family for their contribution to the refreshments for our  Volunteers’ BBQ last week.
  • Thank you to Simon Cheney  for spray painting the fence (pictured above)
  • Thank you to Brett Simes  for his continued efforts on behalf of the school.  Brett is working on creating a  large timber version of our  logo to go on the wavy fence.  Brett also has won for the school two large raised beds, via a competition conducted by Nature Play SA: he wrote a little poem that impressed the judges.  Brett also  lost some tools  during our working bees (2 square mouth shovels and a spade all with wooden handles), Jenny  Kustermann and Brian Marshall also lost rakes.  There are also some corresponding tools that were left behind  so please check your gear and let’s swap them back.
  • Haidi Sutherland and Ailee Cheney will also  be helping  with our  plantings along the Edward Beck fence line by  preparing the holes this Friday … anyone want to help would be most welcome.
  • Monina Gilbey will be  helping Year 3 classes plant  on Monday 21 September. Again, anyone to help students with 200 or so plants, your help will be most welcome.