Pictured above are students from Room 1 showing on the boundary

Our Biodiversity and Nature Play Project will kick off with construction of a 70 metre fence  on  our oval boundary.  It will take two Working Bees which the Grounds Committee have scheduled for 20 and 27 June. The first Working Bee on Saturday 20 June (10 am start) will be to dig about 25 holes (hired post hole digger) and install the steel posts (rapid set  concrete).  The second Working Bee (10 am start) will be to install rails and chain wire.  The fence will be 900mm high and will support creepers, which will grow to make this a lovely green barrier.

We need a good core of adult helpers for these first two activities. Please respond to this post, or to our Facebook site, or ring the school.

The working bees for the extensive plantings we need to do will commence in  early Term 3. There will also be help needed on the establishment of paths around the oval.

The wavy wall we had proposed for the boundary adjacent to the basketball court, is proving to be too costly to do absolutely safely, and therefore is now more likely to be a wavy timber fence.  That fence and the proposed timber gates, will connect with the chain mesh fence and will complete the fencing of our entire Edward Beck boundary from just outside Room 1 to the  western end of the oval.  The  Working Bees for that fence  and the gates will be organised for early to middle Term 3.

We are counting on lots of help from our school community as we work our way through this big project, which will be staged over the next year and a half.