This is not the Fence!! But could this type of fence work as our fence #2?

Thank you to those who had offered to help with our first Working Bees for construction of fence #1: the  chain mesh fence on Edward Beck Drive.  Those Working Bees were scheduled for this Saturday 20 June and also for 27 June, but they will now not happen.  We have decided to have the fence installed by a contractor as the cost is  quite competitive compared to doing it ourselves, and  we believe it is better to go with someone who installs such fences and knows how to get it right, all the way along the 70 metre span.  We are hoping this fence will be  installed in time for the beginning of Term 3.

Last week we got some good news on clean soil which we need in very large amounts for  mounds and undulations. Being able to source that for free is a wonderful saving and we thank those parents who are  going to orchestrate that.

Early next term we are planning working bees for the  construction of Fence #2: the  timber fence and gates (about  40 metres in total) on the Edward Beck boundary at the basketball court end of the  project.  There will  also be  lots of  construction of paths and creating of the mounds, which will be followed by commencement of  creative play spaces and plantings.

Soon there will need to be some poisoning of grass; required to prepare  for the plantings, mounds and paths.

It is very exciting to  imagine these spaces and the changes that will occur over the next year or so. One of the first changes will be that students will be able to play right up to the new fence line. This should be able to happen at the commencement of term 3!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.25.08 pm What do you think? Could it work for us as  Fence #2?