We want students to be involved in planting so that they remember they created this impact on our school environment. For this to happen we need help.

  • This is a buddy class activity and about 36 plants per two classes need to be planted.
  • IMG_6452-2fvghcqEvery class needs volunteers to support our planting of 440 indigenous plants. They are tube stock but we want to loosen up the soil around the plant, to give each plant the best chance of healthy growth. Small, fairly shallow holes need to be dug: 30 cm diameter and 20-30cm deep. Help is also required to hammer into the ground cane stakes for plastic plant guards. We have a number of spades, picks and a posthole digger but could do with more. We have a few hammers but could do with more.
  • Teachers should have already communicated the need for support. Depending on the age of students, teachers may be asking volunteers to make a start on the holes at the beginning of their session, before their whole classes come out to plant, later in the session.
  • Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.52.51 pmThe plantings are happening according to the schedule below. The areas classes will be planting in have been indicated in the table and are shown on the map.
  • During the morning, Haidi Sutherland and Ailee Cheney will lay the plants out in those areas exactly where they need to be planted. They and Kristy Barnes will supervise the plantings to support the process. Ken McTaggart, our groundsman, will also be on hand to help. We have a significant range of different plants and it is important that those plants are planted exactly where they have been placed.
Monday 30 May Tuesday 31 May
9:15 am John Brown Rm10

Don Zampogna Rm29


9:15 am Deb Darwin Rm 7

Liz Armanas Rm 13

AREA 8(drain)

9:15 am Marilyn Brown Rm 3

Lesley McFarlane Rm 30


9:15 am Jane Ramsey Rm 6

Barb Williams Rm 1

AREAS 6& 8

11:05 am Jess Murphy Rm 20

Nikki Edwards Rm 4

AREAS 2 & fence line

11:05 am Lindy Podzuweit Rm 27

Aimee Aparicio Rm 19

AREA 8(drain)

11:05 am Kelly Green Rm 11

Sara Guinan Rm 25

AREAS 2 & fence line

11:05 am Amelia Bolt   Rm 21

Karen Shepherd   Rm 9


1:30 pm Merry Whelan Rm 28

Jenny Cullen   Rm 8

AREAS 3 &8(drain)

1:30 pm Jennie Hoskins Rm 2

Denise Ogilvie Rm 5


1:30 pm Belinda Yardley Rm 23

Vicki Gregory Rm 24

AREA 8(drain)

1:30 pm Jude Wood Rm 18

Felicity Shevchenko Rm 17

AREAS 9 & 8