Formal Learning Conversations (or Interviews) are an important element of our reporting process and build on partnerships with teachers, students and families to ensure successful learning. These conversations are occurring in classes this term from Monday 28/3 – Thursday 8/4 (Weeks 9 – 10). We invite all parents and caregivers to participate in these Learning Conversations with your child.

Learning conversations are about sharing information and strategies rather than just giving information. They are about understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and seeking a team approach to building learning success. Our mission is to create more opportunities for all students to develop the skills and dispositions to put their most focussed energy into their learning. As they get older, students are expected to more clearly articulate their learning needs and commitment to improvement. Teachers of Reception and Year 1 children may choose to have their learning conversation with adults only and they will let you know if your child will need to attend or not.

The next formal phase of our report process will be written reports at the end of term 2.

Our students who require adjustments for learning due to learning difficulties or disabilities all have individual learning plans. Teachers will be reviewing these plans with families before the end of term. These reviews may occur:

  • during the regular Learning Conversation time with a 30 minute time for the review, rather than the normal 15 minute time being allocated OR
  • another meeting may be scheduled for this review.

Identified students with disabilities who have a One Plan will have official review meetings, as we have done in the past, scheduled in week 2 next term (9-13 May).

The Learning Conversations will occur in the classroom. To ensure we follow COVID safe measures, we will ensure the room is sufficiently ventilated and we ask that you wear your mask and sanitise with the sanitiser provided, upon entering the classroom.

Please note that Learning Conversations will be booked online once again this year.

Instructions for Online Bookings:

Go to and follow these simple instructions.

CODE:      v9cxe

Simply enter the code and press “Go” THIS CODE CHANGES – DO NOT USE YOUR LAST EVENT’S CODE

Enter your details

Select the teachers you wish to see

Select the appointment times that suit your family best

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically. If you do not receive your email immediately –

Check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly

You can return to at any time, and change your interviews – until the bookings close on Monday 28th March at 9:00 am.

For parents that do not have internet access, please phone Kerri at the front desk on 8322 6422 and she can assign an interview time for you.

Learning Conversations are strictly 15 mins.  If you require more time, please contact your teacher directly to make alternative arrangements.

If you child is on an individual learning plan, your teacher will let you know to book a 30 minute time or organise a separate meeting with you.