All fundraising money must be submitted online, turned in to the office, or paid via QKR by 11am Friday 28 September.

We are asking ALL STUDENTS TO REGISTER ONLINE for Colour Run Fundraising – even if you are submitting cash to the front office or QKR, please still register online at

Registering online is how you will receive your prize! 


  • log in to your online profile at
  • click ‘edit cash amount’ to enter the cash amount you have received/are donating
  • submit the cash to the office along with the back page of your Sponsorship Form or submit cash via QKR
  • the cash donation you make to the office must match the cash amount you have entered in your online profile
  • cash amount is added to online fundraising amount (if any) as a total for prize selection

Note: When you register online you do not have to share your link or fundraise online if you do not wish to do so. Your details (Student Name & Class) are for admin use only. 


After all money has been collected and the Colour Run has finished, you will receive an email instructing you to order your prize.

After September 28, and before October 19, simply

Most students choose just one prize, however you can select as many prizes as you’d like! You just have to choose the higher prize prize first… but don’t worry it’s all worked out for you when you order your prizes online.

Note: if you selected a Goal Prize when you first created your profile, this will NOT automatically be ordered for you. To avoid missing out on a reward, please log in to your profile online and order your prize.


After October 19, the school will be emailed the full list of prize orders. They will then check them all for accuracy. Once they have completed this task, the school will submit the prize order through to the School Fun-Run office. All prizes will be packed and sent to the school. The time for all of this to occur is generally around 5 weeks.


I’ve already submitted my cash to the front office/paid via QKR, can I still register online to order my prize?
Yes! Please do! Register online at and enter in the cash amount you submitted to the office.

What if I am unable/unwilling to register online to order a prize?
You will need to order a prize using the Colour Run pamphlet sent home early September. There are a few spares at the office. You will need to clearly identify your prize choice in the pamphlet as well as the cash amount you have submitted to the office, plus include your Name & Class on the back, then turn the pamphlet into the office by Friday 19 October.

Why do we need to include DOB in online registration?
Date of Birth is required by the schoolfundraising website due to their terms of use for children age 16 and under… feel free to use a false DOB if you are not comfortable sharing this information with a third party site.

What if I forgot to submit my cash / have more money to submit after Sept 28. Can I still hand it in and order a prize?

Yes. Please still submit your CASH donation to the front office during week 1 of term 4… it must be handed in before Oct 19 to count towards your prize. Once you have submitted the cash, register online: and enter your cash donation amount and then you will be able to order your prize. (No online donations or QKR payments can be accepted after Sept 28.)

What if I forgot to order my prize by the due date?

You need to call the school fundraising office on 1800 386 786, and ask them to order your prize choice for you.