Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.34.34 amWe hope you all had a great family break and you managed to stay warm and out of the chilly winds. We look forward to another big  productive term full of  perseverance, challenge and excitement about learning.  We love  the way students are getting into the habit of slowing down

We hope you have spent some time with your child, discussing the mid year student report, thinking about your child’s learning goals and how we might work in partnership to support more powerful progress.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.53.56 amThis semester we will continue with our focus on improving  students’ mathematical thinking.  We  are trailing an idea to help some of our more capable Yr 1-5 maths students develop deeper understandings of essential big conceptual  ideas in maths.  Our aim to see if we can accelerate the development of bigger groups of more capable students who can be better lead learners in these classes.

We have a  3 days when the school is closed this term. OSHC is available on these  day

In September we have 16 students travelling to Myojo School (Gakuen) in Tokyo .  They will be staying with host families and enjoying a very exciting , challenging and significant life experience.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.04.19 amScience and maths  work hand in hand. We are striving to make stronger connection between these two areas of study.  You may have noticed that the state government has decided to put some education money into science, technology engineering, and maths (STEM).   We are in the the Marion Coast partnership of local schools and will be working closely with our two local high schools to take advantage of    Last term we asked for some parents to join a group of staff and students to consider how we might get more involved in science, using this term’s science week as a focus.  We thank Sarah Thomas and Fiona Arbon for volunteering to be on that group. We would  love more volunteers. Please let your class teacher know that you are interested as we will be meeting soon.

We believe the Arts have  no less importance than the sciences.  We believe that if we are to develop  more powerful critical and creative thinkers then we need to be looking at  how  learning areas overlap and support each other.  With that in mind we will be  spending more time this semester exploring how we might show we value ideas more highly.  We will be helping students develop their ideas, organise and record them so  they may retrieve their ideas and use and connect them uncreative and effective ways. We would  love to hear from parents who have developed ways of storing and retrieving their ideas… whether it be through diaries, filing systems, digital spaces…

Please remember we need carpenters / handy persons for our Biodiversity Project. The weather has been so bad that we have taken a break with our efforts to  build outdoor musical instruments,  fitness circuit structures and  platforms and cubby type  spaces.  We have some parents in mind for these tasks but would love some more volunteers. Please let us know , as we would like to get this happening  early this term.

SRC has been keen to have a  Casual Day to support  the work we started with the RSPCA Empathy Program.  The Casual Day is this Friday.