Governing Council has approved  the  following Student Free Days and Closure Day.  Schools are entitled to 4 Student Free Days and 1 School Closure Day each year. Our Student Free Day 1 was on 3 June.  THE school will be closed on these days.   OSHC is available on these days.

School Closure Day:  Monday 5  September

Student Free Day 2:  Tuesday 6 September

  • The Adelaide Show starts on Friday 2 September and Tuesday is the cheap day
  • The 16 students and 3 staff travelling to Myojo  leave on 4 September
  •  Some staff will be travelling to Melbourne  on 6 September for school visits and others staff will be in visiting schools in Adelaide or involved in specific training programs.

Student Free Day 3:  Friday 16 September 

  • Local Schools are closed for shared Training & Development  focused on Numeracy and Stretch Thinking
  • Myojo students and staff return.

Student Free Day 4:   Monday 31 October

  • Assessment and Reporting Moderation Day#2 for all  teachers at WPS.