Dear parents & caregivers of our new receptions,

It was wonderful to officially welcome your children into our school community today. We are so excited to be a part of the next chapter of your child’s journey.

During this time, all families are developing new routines. For the safety of our community, we draw your attention to two reminders when planning for drop off and pick up times:

  • For children in reception or year 1, one parent of caregiver is permitted to enter the school grounds each morning and afternoon this week for the purpose of ensuring their child’s smooth transition into the classroom. We ask that this is strictly kept to only one parent or caregiver and that the time spent on school grounds is as brief as possible.
  • Parents and caregivers are required to follow our Kiss & Go drop off procedures if using the designated area on Edwards Beck Drive. This area, located alongside the basketball court area, is strictly no parking at drop off and pick up times. Parents wishing to park and enter the school grounds will need to find an alternative place to park. Once we resume face-to-face learning for all year levels, we recommend arriving early or walking where possible to reduce congestion.

Kiss & Go Procedure

It is essential that all community members adhere to these requirements to ensure the safety of our students. 

  • The Kiss & Go Zone on Edward Beck Drive is a 2 min only drop off & pick up zone: 8:30-9am and 2:30-3:30pm
  • Pull up to the front of the zone as far as you can – do not stop in middle of zone
  • If the cars in front of you leave and you are still waiting to pick up – pull forwards to the front of the zone
  • Do not leave your car unattended
  • Drop off & pick up quickly – this is a 2 min only zone
  • If you are waiting longer than 2 mins, drive around block & come back
  • Do not stop/block traffic to wait for spots to open in the zone
  • If there are no spaces, drive around block & come back
  • Do not double park to pick up or drop off children
  • Do not U Turn into or out of zone
  • All students being picked up in the Kiss & Go need to go to the supervised grass waiting zone. The waiting zone is supervised by a teacher 3:05 – 3:20pm – any students not picked up will be sent to the front office to wait.

Can I leave my car to assist children getting into/out of car?

You are not allowed to leave your car unattended in a ‘No Parking Zone’ – i.e. the Kiss & Go Zone – however you may certainly get out of your car to assist children when necessary. Please keep in mind this is a 2 minute zone, so we do ask drivers to pick up and drop off quickly: please do not loiter (i.e. do not wait to watch your children walk all the way to their classrooms) and if you do not need to assist children, the zone will move more quickly if you remain in the car for pick up/drop off.