This term we have been very fortunate to have the wonderful opportunity to have a Zoom lessons with our sister school, Myojo Gakuen and their Year 4 and 5 classes. Four classes were able to have the opportunity and connect with a class and have our own mini online Japanese/English lesson.

Two classes prepared a “Guess the Animal” quiz. The students worked in small groups and came up with sentences in Japanese to give hints about an animal they had chosen. During the Zoom session we took it in turns to describe the animals and they had to guess ours and then we had the chance to guess the animal they were describing in English. The students had a great time practising their Japanese as well as seeing what it is like in a Japanese classroom.

In the lead up to the other two Zoom session, each class had sent the Year 5 Myojo classes an iMovie of self introductions which each student presented in Japanese. All of our students did a fabulous job and the Myojo teachers and students commented on the level of Japanese from both classes. We also got to see the Myojo students’ videos also and got an insight into what they like to do and their likes and dislikes.
During the Zoom session we also asked the Myojo students some general questions about school and hobbies and vice versa. We even had a soccer ball kicking competition. Who could juggle the soccer ball with their feet the most times? Myojo won that one. We found out after that Myojo’s top student has done it non stop for over an hour! Amazing!
Also before our Zoom, students had brainstormed a few things we could compare between Japan and Australia and asked, in Japanese, our Myojo friends to guess which was older or cheaper or taller or longer!
All 4 Zoom sessions were fantastic! We are so lucky to be able to have this wonderful sister school relationship with Myojo and also the technology to participate in the video calls. Our students were excellent participants and should be proud of their involvement.