COVID-19 Update – 25 October

The good news we have been hoping for is here.  See the information below.

It is always a complex task to balance the known with the unknown and I think we have managed very well. This type of organisation can be summed up with the analogy of a duck, with the duck swimming calmly along the surface, while the feet are peddling at a fast pace below the water. We try to keep a sense of normality for our students during this time of change and challenge, wanting them to see the image of a calm duck on the surface.

Parents and visitors on site

Parents, volunteers and visitors are welcome in our school, providing COVID safe measures are  followed. The signs saying that ‘parents are not allowed on school grounds’ will be removed Wednesday morning. If you wish to walk your child on to the grounds, you may do so, however we would encourage parents to only do this if necessary.

Unless absolutely necessary, we ask that you do not enter school buildings. If you need to, then please note that all parents and visitors are required to COVID-SAfe check in (QR code) when entering buildings, and must continue to practise physical distancing from other adults.

We ask that parents and other visiting adults wear masks when entering school buildings, no matter how brief the visit is going to be.

Masks are not required outdoors if adults can physically distance. This is consistent with community mask use requirements.

If visiting for a meeting, as a volunteer or you have been invited into the school for reasons other than just dropping or collecting your child, please ensure that you also sign in at the front office in the Visitors Book provided.

QR Check-in is purely for SA Health contact tracing purposes and doesn’t replace our normal visitor sign-in process. All guests should continue to sign in at the front office/reception on arrival.

Children Drop Off and Pick Up

We will continue to minimise the number of adults in buildings and ask that, if you are bringing your child into the school in the morning, that you say goodbye to your child at the classroom door. A maximum of 3 adults (plus the teacher) will be allowed into the classroom at any one time.

If required, you will be permitted into the Atrium if needing to access your child’s classroom or to drop your child at the classroom door.

Children have become used to unpacking their bags  and preparing for the school day. Please allow them to continue this practice as they learn to be independent.

Thank you for your help in keeping us all safe, while at the same time beginning our move to bring parents back into the school.

Sports Day Update

We are continuing to allow 1 person from each family being able to attend sports day.  This will allow us to keep our social distancing as required by SAHealth. Please note that you may share a registration ticket throughout the day so that other family members get an opportunity to see their child in action. Please ensure that at least one person has registered on the “School Interviews process” and booked into Sports Day.  This will enable us to get a message out to relevant people quickly if required. That link is repeated below.

  • We ask that all adults visiting check in using the QR codes which will be placed on entrance points to the school oval.
  • At all times it is expected that attendees will be socially distanced from each other.
  • If you are unable to socially distance, please wear a mask.
  • Attendees are advised that they must not attend if unwell, even mildly.
  • Food will only be available to students. There will be no stalls selling food on the day.
  • There will be a self serve coffee station at the sports shed on the oval. A gold coin donation would be appreciated. Karen Gunton and the Parent Network will be there to assist. Please bring your own cup on the day to use. There will be limited take away cups available in the interests of sustainability.
  • Toilets are limited, so please be prepared for the possibility of a wait time. Hygiene practices need to be followed. Bring along your own sanitiser to use.
  • Junior Primary classes will be eating outside so there is no need for parents to go to classrooms.

Registration to Attend Sports Day

(Please note that you do not have to register if you have already done so)

Event code:     fs46e

There are 2 sessions available. One adult per family per session is allowed.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the school office on 83226422

Other events

Staff and Masks
As you would have heard via the news, staff in schools are now permitted to work without the wearing of a mask, as it is now optional. At this stage the same does not apply to volunteers or visitors. If that changes we will let you know.

We have already permitted volunteers in the Kitchen and the Canteen. Volunteers in classrooms will be limited to one person per class at a time, as they still have to ensure social distancing and the wearing of a mask as per Department guidelines.

Fireworks Night
Unfortunately we are still unable to have our end of year school event, as it is not possible to ensure social distancing which is still a requirement. The safety requirements of using fireworks is quite strict and in addition, at this late stage, staff are not in a position to stage performances. Hopefully in 2022 we can resume our end of year Christmas Fireworks Event.

Year 6 and Year 7 Graduation
Teachers are busy organising what this will look like this year. Information will be coming out shortly, but as we are using an offsite venue, normal SAHealth requirements still apply.

These will remain a student and staff only activity at this stage. Hopefully we will be able to resume Assemblies in 2022 where we can invite parents/caregivers again. If appropriate we will live stream a school activity.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman

Please remember that health advice and pandemic conditions can change at any time, so please keep abreast of any changes that may happen, most likely at short notice. We will post information on the school News Blog, available via the school website ( as well as linking with classroom Facebook pages.