Wellbeing Focus Day was on Monday 25 October. It was lovely to see students dressed in clothes that represented something about their wellbeing and to hear them talk about why they chose to wear what they did.

All Junior Primary classes enjoyed a session with Pamela and Mrs Luke, where they undertook soma activities to help them understand wellbeing.

  1. Students talked to a partner (in another class) about the clothes they were wearing and why they make them feel good
  2. A mindful activity thinking about how grapes, blueberries or tomatoes feel and taste was a fun experience to ‘slow down’ and appreciate the fuel we are giving our bodies.
  3. Thinking and reflecting about colours and the way they make us feel.
  4. Mandala making using natural materials. The mandala grew and changed throughout the day as every R-2 student


Year 3-7 classes participated in a talk-and-walk during the morning. They followed a course around the school in pairs or small groups. At checkpoints along the walk, students were given new conversation cards to discuss as they walked to the next point with a new partner or group. This provided a great opportunity for students to move their bodies, but also to engage in discussions and build connections with their peers.

Lunchtime wellbeing sessions included mindful colouring in the Japanese garden,  drumming and pavement chalk drawing in different sections of the yard.

A lovely day was rounded off with many classes spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and their friendships with play in the yard and on the oval.