What if we have to close the school?

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If we do get to a point where we need to close the school because there is a positive case identified within the school community, then we will be advised by SA Health and The Department on how we would… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 UPDATE: 3-8-2020

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Dear families, As we know things are moving very quickly and it does appear that it may be just a matter of time before we need to deal with some form of community transmission ourselves. As COVID-19 spreads through the… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update 22-07-2020

UPDATE: We have noticed several groups of parents staying to chat after school, with children accessing playgrounds: Please note that we expect parents to vacate school grounds asap after collecting children at the end of the day. No children are… Continue Reading →

Final Term Two Covid-19 Update 02-07-2020

Dear families, As we close out term two for this year, we can look back and consider that given the impact of Covid-19, we have successfully transitioned back to a normal delivery of learning for all students. That has been… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update 22-06-2020

Four schools in Victoria will be closed today after two students and two teachers tested positive to Covid-19 over the weekend. It comes as that state records a double-digit increase in cases for the fifth day in a row and Premier… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 UPDATE 17-06-2020

COVID-19 Update The Premier has announced step 3 of the COVID-19 roadmap. Below is an outline of what we will be expecting as some of the changes that may occur and some of what will remain the same at Woodend… Continue Reading →

Year 7 to High School in 2022 – Information Update

Dogs on School Grounds

Dear families, I have noticed recently that we are having a few people bring their dogs onto school grounds, particularly before and after school while either dropping off or picking up their child. The rules have not changed about dogs… Continue Reading →

Playground – Stage One

Dear families, Attached are some photos of the new playground that has just been commissioned for children to use. It is the first part of a three stage development, and already we have seen a huge interest by children, using… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update : 1-6-2020

Dear families, There have been limited updates to report on since my last blog post, however, we are still following the guidelines as recommended by both The Department and the Government in relation to COVID-19. This will include the following;… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update 18-5-2020

Dear families, Week 4 is here and we are almost at full capacity again in relation to student attendance.  Only a handful of students were working from home last week and we anticipate that this will reduce over the next… Continue Reading →

Pupil Free Day – Friday June 5th 2020

Dear families, Our next Pupil Free Day is scheduled for Friday June 5th, The three Pupil Free days remaining after that are about to go to Governing Council for approval and then will be shared directly after that. Kind regards,… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update 11-5-2020

Dear families, As we approach week three, some restrictions in the wider community are being relaxed, which is good news.  As a school we will continue to follow our existing protocols to ensure safety for all. These are clearly outlined… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update 3-5-2020

Dear families, As we head into week two, there have been additional announcements by Education and Health authorities, indicating that it is safe to send children to school. Given that we have put into place many strategies at Woodend Primary… Continue Reading →

Keeping Ourselves Safe During Covid-19

Dear families, As we are seeing more students coming back to school, we are also seeing more adults in the yard. It is important that adults in our school remember to socially distance so that we can maintain a safe… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update 29-4-2020

Dear families, Here we are at the close of day three of week one of our online learning program. It has been a very interesting three days and we have had to maintain a highly flexible approach as we have… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update for Term Two 2020

Dear families, Dr Spurrier’s letter to parents and to teachers was unexpected but not surprising given the lowered rate of infection that we have been able to achieve as a state. She has been clear in saying that it is… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update 6-4-2020

Dear Families, What a lot has happened in only a few short weeks. On behalf of all our staff at Woodend, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our front line people, the doctors, specialists,… Continue Reading →

ICT Device Survey – Important information required

As at 2nd April we had 257 families respond. Quite a number still to go. Please let others know to complete the survey. Thankyou. Dear Families, I am attaching a link to a Survey that we are required to send out,… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update 30-3-2020

Dear Families, Thankyou once again for your amazing support to teachers while we go through the transition to an on-line learning program. This is scheduled to begin at the start of term 2 for all students. For those families where… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update 24-3-2020

Dear Families, The COVID-19 situation is changing every aspect of lives as we know it. I particularly want to extend my thoughts and best wishes to those of you who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 situation, whether it… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Parent Update as of 19-3-2020

Dear families, Further to my previous blog, we are following The Department’s recommendations in reducing the number of possible contact opportunities during the school day. Hence; Classroom volunteers will not be able to work with children at school.  Thankyou for… Continue Reading →

Parent / Teacher Interviews – update and changes 17-3-2020

Dear families, things move quickly and we have reviewed our Parent/Teacher/Student interviews scheduled for later this term. As a result of updated information we have decided to change the format from one of face to face interviews, to either a… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Update 16-3-2020

Dear Families With the coronavirus situation developing quickly, advice from government officials is changing on a regular basis. In relation to schools, the Prime Minister in his most recent announcement (Sunday afternoon 15 March), indicated that schools would be ‘staying… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Parent Update as of 12-3-2020

Please find attached the latest update from The Department related to what the COVID-19 virus means to schools. It is expected that if staff or students show signs of a cold (fever, runny nose, coughing, sneezing etc) then they will… Continue Reading →

Parent Forum – Transition in 2020 and Beyond

Year 7 to High School Update – February 2020

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