Dear families,

we are progressing to the set timeline and the first handover of rooms takes place this coming Monday 20th. Ms Yardley/Ms Bateson and their year 1 students will move into room 23 while Ms Guinan and her year 3 students will move into room 24. Both classrooms are next to the old Atrium space and have just had new paint and carpet throughout.

The library will be moving over the next two weeks into rooms 21 and 22. This is a huge undertaking and Ms Humphreys and Ms Buckley have been working to manage this with the aid of a removal company. Many resources have been culled and other  resources packed into carton ready for moving.

Ms Woodley will move into another space to teach Japanese.

We are still on track to get the rest of the Atrium space handed over on or about 17th May. At this time our new furniture should arrive and Ms Gregory is looking forward to working in the new STEAM space.

Below are the latest photos shared by the builder of the progress.

Kind regards,
Steve Freeman