Today, we celebrate some very special people—our volunteers.

Woodend school thrives because of the dedication and generosity of all of our volunteers. You are the unsung heroes who help us in countless ways, from supporting Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, coaching our sports teams, assisting in classrooms, and actively participating in the parent network. Your contributions at sporting events, the Pedal Prix, on grounds, finance, OSHC, healthy eating, sports committees, Parent Network and the Governing Council have been invaluable.

Your commitment ensures that our students not only receive a great education but also enjoy a rich, supportive, and nurturing environment. You help create memories, build skills, and foster a sense of community that lasts a lifetime.

To our classroom volunteers, your patience and kindness help our students grow academically and personally. To our sports coaches, your guidance and encouragement inspire our young athletes to strive for excellence and teamwork. To those who organize and run events like the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, your efforts bring joy and smiles to our students and their families.

Thank you for your invaluable help during our school camps and excursions. Your time and support make these experiences memorable and enjoyable for our students. We truly appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm. and school camps rely on volunteers to provide a safer and enriching time.

To the members of our Governing Council and various committees, your leadership and vision shape the future of our school and to all the parents who volunteer through the parent network and at events like the Pedal Prix, your support makes everything we do possible.

On behalf of the entire school community, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed, and today, we celebrate you. Thank you for your time, energy, and unwavering support. You make our school a better place, and we are forever grateful.

Warm Regards

Steve Freeman