My name is Vicki Gregory and I will be working with your child in the Design and Technology room. This year, students will be involved in a range of problem-based design challenges, where stretch thinking and creativity is fostered. In the younger years, stories, characters or visuals are used as a starting point for the design process.


Students will use creative thinking to plan and construct a designed product. Students will help design tasks, with set criteria, which enables a level of success for all students. As students move through the middle and primary years, they will add further details, labels and lists, to effectively communicate their ideas.


Students will have the opportunity to choose and use a range of materials and tools to work with. These may include paper, card, fabric, wood, wire, plastic, wool, clay and foam, together with a range of recycled and upcycled materials. Tools used may include; scissors, hole punches, wood working tools, power scissors and glue guns.  As they progress through the middle and primary years, they may use hand drills, basic saws and staple guns. Students will learn new and effective joining techniques, use different forms of joiners such as tape, glue, split pins, string and staples.  Students will be encouraged to use a range of tools and materials safely and appropriately. Engineering using a sustainable headset, will be encouraged in all year levels.

Evaluating and improving…..

Students will evaluate their designs and models, explain how they work and what they could be used for. They will have opportunities to share ideas and improve their work. As their skills increase and develop, they will investigate engineering principles, using light, sound, heat movement, control and support.

Often students will bring home their designed products, which could form an engaging beginning for discussion. I look forward to working with your children in the Design and Technology room.