Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting year of the Physical Education (PE) program here at Woodend Primary School. For those new families to the school, my name is Matthew Hehner and I am the PE specialist at this school and this is my 10th year here in the PE role. I have the pleasure of being able to teach all of the students in the school and that is something I really enjoy.


All R-7 students from each of the 25 classes, will have a specialist PE lesson with me each week. My key focus is on teaching the Movement and Physical Activity strand of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. My key message to all students is around giving their best effort in all lessons, whether that is within a partner, group or team game or an individual challenge.

Reception – year 2:

In junior primary PE, students are being taught their basic fundamental movement skills (FMS) – throwing, catching, bouncing, kicking,skipping etc. Students learn to share and cooperate with their class mates through a combination of activities. I introduce small team games to these students to help develop good teamwork skills.

Year 3 – 5:

Middle primary students will be learning to take their understanding and knowledge of FMS and transfer them into modified games/sports. The primary years PE program is a great stepping-stone for students to be exposed to modified sports in working towards upper primary PE.

Year 6 – 7:

Upper primary students will be learning to take their past experience, knowledge and understanding and implement that into various team sports. Students are learning to share their skills with their peers, take on umpiring roles within lessons and expand their understanding of key strategies within team contexts.


I coordinate and run the Sapsasa program here at Woodend and this is available for year 4-7 students. Sapsasa is an avenue for interested students to take on further sporting opportunities outside of their regular PE lessons. Year 4-5 students are able to participate in Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Year 6-7 students have further opportunities such as: Football, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby League to name a few. I regularly discuss these opportunities with students in their PE lessons and I have information available on the WPS-SAPSASA Facebook page.

I look forward to another great year of PE with all of the students here at Woodend and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me through the front office.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Hehner