Dear families,

Today we have been advised that the state is going into Lockdown.  Please note that this is an evolving process and we are working to understand exactly what this means for our school.

At this stage:
Woodend Primary School is closed to all students other than where an essential worker is unable to find alternative means to have their children cared for during the school day. We have a skeleton staff only on duty for Thursday and Friday of this week, as well as for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Canteen will be closed and OSHC will be working also with a skeleton staff.  OSHC is available only for children who cannot be looked after in any other way.

Please note that we have a number of staff who are in the vulnerable category and will not be at work during this time. An education program will not be provided and over the next four school days, teachers will be preparing for the strong possibility that from Wednesday of next week, they will be providing an online learning program to all students.

I ask that, if you are an essential worker and you need to send your child(ren) to school because they cannot be looked after for part or all of a day, that you contact the front office and ‘book’ your child in for that period of time.

All students have been asked to take home school laptops/devices, books and anything they need to continue their learning from home.  More information on learning programs will be provided early next week, as we work our way through the new COVID-19 Directions.

All South Australians are making sacrifices to ensure our community remains as safe as possible. We appreciate that this is a significant undertaking for you and your family.  Your child’s teacher, our support staff and I are here to support you where we can.

As more information becomes available, we will inform you via our school blog and/or Parent’s Group Facebook page in the first instance.  Please ensure that you have access to the blog post.

Kind regards,
Steve Freeman