A bright and early start for 180 year 6 and year 7 students this morning on four busses. We had great weather for the early morning and all students were extremely excited and ready to go.  It is amazing how much luggage can be packed beneath the bus (and there was a lot of luggage).

Teachers were ready for the long week ahead.  I know that the itinerary makes for long days including evening visits to Questacon and the Zoo after tea time. From experience, both students and teachers will return very tired from their week in Canberra.  Students will come back with memories of not just their time with friends, but also of the War Memorial, Institute of Sport, Parliament House, The High Court, Questacon and Floriad to name just a few.

Jarrod Lamshed, Peta Harnois, Marc Saffin, Lesley MacFarlane, Don Zampogna, Tegan Reid, Matt Hehner, Kerri Bruggerman, Kelly Packer and Trent Harris (one of our experienced TRT’s), are all on board to supervise and lead the students in their week of activities and experiences.

A little known fact is that camps are not a requirement for teachers to be a part of but at Woodend it has continued to be a valuable part of the educational experience for students, and hopefully will continue to be so. Teachers don’t get paid extra to be on duty 24/7 and they put in a lot of their own time an effort to organise these activities. I know that this is appreciated by families and a Thankyou on their return is reward enough.

After they return on Saturday, a blog post will be put up to share some of their time in Canberra.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman