Way2Go Bike Ed is a bicycle education program for primary school students.The recommended year levels for participation are year 5-6 (aged 10-12). It is funded and managed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

  • The Way2Go program has clearly stated goals. It wants children, families and communities to be able to choose walking, bike riding and public transport to get around their local areas and for school journeys. Through participating in Way2Go Bike Ed students:
  • gain knowledge and understanding of the road and traffic environments and relevant road laws
  • develop physical and cognitive skills
  • develop responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles both on and off the road.

The Way2Go Bike Ed program at Woodend has enabled our year 5 students to hone their skills and gain confidence in their abilities to ride a bike on the road. Riding a bicycle helps children become confident and independent and encourages healthy, active travel choices for life.

Way2Go Bike Ed is a six week program. Before students are allowed to use their own bikes they are given a safety check by RAA. Helmets are also checked and students are taught how they should fit and how to adjust them properly. Three weeks are spent riding on school grounds. During the first lesson, students skills are assessed and they are split into ability groups. The next two lessons students  learn how to use bike gears, how to give way at T intersections and they gain confidence necessary to participate in road sessions.

The next three weeks allow students to practice skills such as how and when to give way at a round about and how to pass parked cars safely. These lessons are after classroom sessions where students are taught the rules they will be practising. Road sessions would not be possible without the on going support of our fabulous parent volunteers.

At the culmination of the program we are having a ride or walk safely to school day on Wednesday 19th June. The whole school will be invited to join us.

National Ride2School Day is held around Australia . It provides an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to try riding, walking, skating or scooting to school as well as celebrating the regular walkers and riders.

On this day, riding and walking to school is made normal and the entire school community can support it. It is a chance to celebrate on a large scale and to prove it can be done.


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