Parent Network volunteers are excited to once again host a Gift Stall in honour of Mother’s Day. Our aim is to offer students an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the special people in their lives who care for them.

All Woodend Classes, plus the Woodend Kindy groups, are rostered to visit the Gift Stall with their class and teacher on one of the following days:

Tuesday May 7, Wednesday May 8, Thursday May 9

Any students who are away for their class visit or wish to revisit the stall may do so after school on Thursday May 9 or before school on Friday May 10.

The prices of all gifts will be in whole dollar amounts ranging from: $1- $5 each. 

Children may bring whatever amount of money they choose to spend…. There is no limit to the number of gifts your child can buy on the day. There are some Grandparent gifts and there are gifts not specific to Mother’s Day available for children who want to buy for any special person who cares for them.

We suggest your child’s money be placed in an envelope or snap lock bag with their name and room number on it – especially lower primary students – to make it easier for them to find and keep safe.

Alternatively, payment can be made via the QKR app – all QKR payments must be in by noon on Monday May 6. Students who pay via QKR will be given a voucher of that dollar amount to use at the gift stall. Please note that no change can be given for QKR payments.

We ask that students bring along their own carry bag to take their Gift Stall purchase home – a reusable plastic or cloth shopping bag will work perfectly.

If you have any questions the WPS Parent’s Group on Facebook is a great place to ask – Parent Network volunteers are there to help. Here are some frequent answers…

  • the Gift Stall is not for profit, it is not a fundraiser… we purchase new items to sell at the stall and aim only to recoup the costs
  • parent volunteers are on hand to help your child choose items
  • feel free to include a note if your child needs to purchase multiple gifts
  • older/younger siblings are welcome to visit the stall during the before/after school open times

These are just a few examples of the items available at the Gift Stall: