What an opportunity! We were so lucky to be invited by David Speirs to join him on a school tour of Glenthorne Farm, soon to be Glenthorne National Park.

The history of this farm is very rich and the future is bold.

Major O’Halloran developed Glenthorne as an experimental farm and then trained tens of thousands of horses to be used in the wars. He then handed it on to the CSIRO who used the farm for scientific purposes. Unfortunately they didn’t realise the danger of unethical practices but made some good scientific advances.

The public can have their say about what will happen with the National Park in the future. Kids are also invited to have a say. Kids are the youngest generation that will use this park in the future with their families.

Our SRC will discuss what we might be able to do to help the development of this National Park starting at our next meeting. We are pretty excited about this!

You can read more about this transition from farm to National Park here.

Come along to the Open Days tomorrow and/or Sunday.

Ava and Shannon