We hope you are all managing to stay cool in this warm weather.

Our ‘Weather Policy’ at Woodend is applied when the forecast maximum for Noarlunga is 36C or greater, as reported on the Bureau Of Meteorology website at 4:00pm the day before.

This week our Weather Policy will be enacted on Thursday and Friday. The following is a summary of the Weather Policy for Hot days:

Leadership will make an assessment prior to breaks to determine whether students will be encouraged to play passively in the shade or whether they will remain indoors in their classrooms.

In line with our Sun Smart Policy, PE lessons will be modified to accommodate the heat. The PE teacher will have priority for using the gym to enable the program to continue in a suitably modified fashion. Frequent water breaks will be provided. There will be no outside PE lessons by PE teacher or classroom teachers after 11:05 am.

Students will not be set any written homework on nights of extreme heat.

Sporting matches and practices will be cancelled. Exceptions are possible, eg an air-conditioned stadium or for sports that start and finish early in the day. Having made a risk assessment, the Principal may approve a match or practice. Coaches are responsible for communicating this decision to players and parents.

You can find a copy of the policy via the following link: https://www.woodendps.sa.edu.au/downloads/policies