The Parent Network is a commitee of parents who help to foster parent engagement at Woodend – our goals are to support parents, assist in communication with parents, and build a strong parent community.

We aim to have at least one parent liaison for each classroom as well as parent liaisons from the various groups and committees of our school. We welcome any and all parents/caregivers who would like to join Parent Network.

This year our committee “meetings” will all take place online in our closed facebook group. We realize that parents are busy, so our online discussions & planning can easily be done online in our group, from the comfort of home!

We will be holding social/networking meet-ups which are opportunities to chat with the Principal or Governing Council, to brainstorm and discuss ideas, and to connect the members of our Parent Network… we may even choose some ‘hot topic’ themes for our meet-ups depending on whatever is happening around the school.

Our first WELCOME Meet-Up is on Friday 23 February 9am in the kitchen. We will have a second evening Meet-Up later in term 1: Monday 1 April 6:30 pm. Nibbles & refreshments are provided at our meet-ups!

We will also hold small ‘break out meetings’ if there are certain events, activities, or initiatives to organize. We welcome Parents to raise ideas for our parent communty! Some examples of Parent Network inititives include:

  • School Banking Program
  • Woodend Market
  • the new Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gift stalls starting up this year
  • guest speakers/presentations: such as Mark LeMessieur & Cyber Safety
  • movie nights, morning cafe, snack swap, & other social events
  • WPS Parent’s Group & Woodend Buy & Sell Group

If you would like to join the 2018 Parent Network please fill out the form below – we will send you the link to join our closed facebook group along with our welcome & induction information.

Please also let your classroom teacher know on or before the Acquaintance Night on Tues Feb 13th that you are joining Parent Network 2018 as we are asking teachers to identify at least one parent liaison per class.

If you have any questions at all about Parent Network please email

We look forward to meeting you in our group!