Just a quick blog to say how impressed I am with the students at the disco tonight.  They are having a great deal of fun and should sleep well when they get home.  They were all so keen while waiting to go inside the gym and as parents will attest, quite noisy and active.  Quite a number of staff are there tonight as well in a voluntary capacity, ensuring that each child is having a good time.  Thanks go to staff prepared to supervise these events which I know the children enjoy.  Occasionally children find it loud and so staff can easily help them if necessary, but for the most part they spend the entire time dancing with their friends.

On occasions such as tonight we take the care of children very seriously and so only allow one entrance to the school.  There is no supervision or staff outside of the disco such as happens on a parent interview evening.  As there are no street parking restrictions at this time of night, drop off and pick up is much better than at school time.  Thank you in advance for everyone assisting with making sure that the pick up after the disco is done by an adult or responsible person.

The main gate on Edward Beck Drive will be open till all children have been collected.  The other gates around the school always remain closed during these events as a security measure.  If we open them and vandalism occurs, it is at the school’s cost as we are considered to have allowed open entry to the school.  At night that area which belongs to the Woodend Children’s Centre is unlit and can be quite unsafe.  We do not wish anyone to come to grief.  As with all families bringing children to the Disco, we expect that entry and exit is via the main gate.

Enjoy the weekend and the possibility of having children sleep in for a bit longer in the morning.


Kind regards,

Steve Freeman