Friday the 24th of March turned out to be a warm and great day for our annual whole school sports day event. We would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts from all volunteers who gave up their time to make the day a great success. The 16 Sports Day Captains were outstanding in the lead up to the day and on the day itself and the whole school are very proud of the great leadership they displayed to all students.

 Throughout the morning it was great to see students from all classes put in their best effort into their tabloid events. The fun-run for our year 2-7 students went well and it was pleasing to see how all students were putting their best effort in, especially in the warm weather. After lunch it was great to see all of our reception and year 1 students in the sprints followed by our Myojo visitors. Our R-7 Sprints then followed and we saw plenty of outstanding races with close finishes.

A new water relay event for our staff v captains to finish the day was great fun and it was fantastic to see all of the students cheering and supporting the race.  

 2017 Results were as follows:

 4th place – Victorious Vikings – 1620

 3rd place – Fierce Dragons – 1700

 2nd place – Wise Wizards – 1750

 1st place – Mighty Knights – 1770

 We were fortunate to have so many parents, carers and extended family members join us for all or part of the day.  Many thanks to the volunteers who cooked the barbecue, served drinks or prepared sausage sizzles for classroom orders.  Pedal Prix were appreciative of the donations of sweet treats for sale and for families purchasing to support their fundraiser.

Many thanks to Mr Hehner and his team for the day’s success.  They worked tirelessly in the lead up and on the day; during play breaks, before school and after hours to ensure the events were set up, communication was clear and students understood their roles and responsibilities.

Overall what a great day and once again thank you to everyone involved who helped to make the day such a great success.

Results of the day were:

4th 1620 pts Green Vikings

3rd 1700pts Red Dragons

2nd 1750pts Yellow Wizards

1st 1770pts Blue Knights

Congratulations to all!

Thank you for your support.