A new semester has begun in The Arts, bringing new classes.As this year we are having double lessons for a semester in The Arts, swapping with Design and Technology in the other half year, the classes have now swapped.

R- 2 will continue to have their Arts covered by Cate in Visual Arts while the 2/3 – 6/7 classes will have Sue for Performing Arts. This aligns with the Australian Curriculum which has a 2 year (3 year for JP) curriculum covering Visual Arts and Performing Arts (Drama, Music, Dance and Media Arts ).

Students will be using drama, music, dance and media arts for making and responding.

We started this semester with a room full of tents of various shapes and sizes, which students formed groups to pool their “money” to buy or rent as learning areas. They then decided what kind of learning could happen in each unique area, and what kind of things “tenants” needed to do, or not do, to maximise their learning. This led on to discussions and decisions about learning in the Performing Arts Area, and how to maximise our learning in this room.

Fortunately over these lessons we all seemed to be able to fulfil the number 1 rule in the Performing Arts Area – “Have fun!!!”

The curriculum aims this semester will once again concentrate on developing students’:

  • creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices, through making and responding to artworks with increasing self-confidence
  • arts knowledge and skills to communicate ideas; they value and share their arts and life experiences by representing, expressing and communicating ideas, imagination and observations about their individual and collective worlds to others in meaningful ways
  • use of innovative arts practices with available and emerging technologies, to express and represent ideas, while displaying empathy for multiple viewpoint.

The theme we will be using this semester is :

2/3 – 5: Emotions, caring, empathy – this will be through Music, Drama and Dance mainly, with some Media Arts.

5/6, 6/7: looking at bullying. – through Film  Making, involving Drama, Music and Media Arts.

We are going to have a blast, learn and experience heaps and have tons of fun.!!

The Drama Queen