Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.01.18 pmUsually at this time of year Class Parent Reps are  seeking contact details from parents in order to create a communications list so that parents may know how to contact each other easily.  This usually takes a lot of  time and paper shuffling until we have lists to distribute to parents.

This year, as we have many teachers  communicating via Facebook, we are going to try something different. Class parent reps will be helped to create a file  that will sit on the  class  teacher’s Facebook site. This document will allow parents from the class to post their contact details on this document, if they wish other parents in their child’s class, to know.  Class Reps will not be able to directly post this file on the sites; teachers will have to approve it. Once it’s been approved it will be available for parents to add their details if and when they wish.

A few staff are  using blogs to communicate with parents.  In those classes  the class rep will gather that information on paper.

At Acquaintance Night class reps will be introduced and may take the chance to explain  about this contact list. We would love every class to have a class parent rep.  Please consider taking on this role, which is  more about networking and parent engagement in student learning than about always helping out in class.