My name is Matthew Hehner and I am the Physical Education (PE) teacher here at Woodend Primary School. This is my 5th year here at Woodend and I really enjoying teaching all students R-7. My PE program focuses on all students working hard to achieve their best within all areas of the PE curriculum. Team games are a key focus throughout all year levels and I aim to teach great teamwork skills and sportsmanship to all students.

My key message to all students is that hard work results in success and I am continually challenging students to achieve more and more each week. I am consistently giving the message to all of our students about how important it is to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Reception – year 2 focus:

In Junior Primary PE I have a big focus on students developing their fundamental movement skills (FMS) – throwing, catching, skipping etc and through developing these FMS I also focus on improving students fine and gross motor skills. I introduce small team games to these students to help develop good teamwork. I have a positive and supportive teaching style aiming to ensure all students enjoy developing their skills and confidence through their PE lessons.

Year 3 – 5 focus:

Middle primary students are taught to take their understanding and knowledge of FMS and transfer them into small-modified sports. (Different modified sports include: Tennis, Gymnastics, Soccer, Athletics, Basketball, Football, Touch Rugby) The primary years PE program is a great stepping-stone for students to be exposed to modified sports in working towards upper primary PE. I ask students at this age group to do some deep thinking and develop good strategies to help their team succeed in any game situation.

Year 6 – 7 focus:

Upper primary students are now at an age where they are learning a large variety of sports for example (Touch Rugby, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, Netball, Athletics) and have opportunities to take their knowledge and skills into SAPSASA events. All students are given opportunities to trial for SAPSASA Sporting teams, which allows them to further develop their skills and compete against other students from other schools. Within the PE program year 6-7 students are given opportunities to run sports clinics at lunch times, this is a great way for these students to develop leadership skills and give back what they have learnt to the JP students.