Volunteer Award for 2015 presented to David  Ranger. We thank David  for his strong contribution over the past  10  years, as a volunteer in classes, camps and outside hours activities; on committees; as Governing Council Treasurer; and as police liaison officer. It’s been a fabulously generous engagement in the life of the school and we thank him so much for embodying such strong community spirit. David is pictured above with son, Matthew.

Farewell to  Families:  Sadly at this time of year we  not only farewell our year 7 students but we also farewell many families who we have had  long term relationships with us; some for over 14  years.   Many leaving us have made fantastic contributions to the development of the beautiful family culture of the school. We will miss them all and we wish them all well.  Long term families leaving…Allen, Archer,  Ayles, Black, Cole, Dziadek, Engelhardt, Goodfellow, Gordon, Gray, Hadley, Hann, Morgan, Myers, Nacov, Nguyen, Ranger, Sandor, Shepherd, Tommasini, Urac, Williams.

Each year we also farewell students  and their families who are moving on for various reasons:  lots  of those  families are experiencing significant changes as they are moving  home  into another suburb or town;  a number are changing employment, some to interstate or overseas locations; some are taking  up opportunities in private schools. We are sad to say goodbye and wish them all the very best for the future.  Hopefully the relationships that have been developed here will endure, and of course, as things change,  there may also be future opportunities back at Woodend.

IMG_4806Farewells to Staff:   We really wish to thank the following staff members who have  completed their contract tenures at our school for this year.  we hope to see you again working at our school:   Cam Wright, Marc Saffin, Serenity Pisulak, Tegan Reid. Jess Ottewell has also completed her contract but has been appointed for the first 8 weeks of term 1, 2016 to support learning with digital technology in classes.   We are pleased to be regaining Barb Williams, Jude Wood and Nikki Edwards next year. We wish Pru Riggs and Chris Dinham wonderful holidays breaks for Term 1 next year.

Pictured above at a recent retirement recognition ceremony, are Fay and Ali with DECD Chief Executive Tony Harrison and local Education Director Christine Hatzi.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.34.22 pm

At our Farewell Assembly our specially choreographed Year 7 boys and girls dances were featured. IMG_4812Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.35.07 pm



We had a huge audience, with many families present for their last assembly. Check out more photos  of  the highlights for  2015 on our website.





Students Awards were presented by Pru Riggs, Sue  Thomson, Matt Hehner, Ali Law and Sarah Vinall

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.43.42 pm Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.42.00 pm Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.40.57 pm Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.44.27 pm

The ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS and the CITIZENSHIP AWARDS are our most prestigious awards and were presented at the Graduation Ceremony.Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.23.01 pm

We congratulate all award winners for striving for excellence. We encourage all students to put effort into seeking improvements that move them from good to great.Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.22.05 pm








Year 6/7 teachers,  pictured just before  students devoured the graduation cake…Senior students pictured below signing Yr 7 magazines and spare school tops.IMG_4838