Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.29.48 amSchool Begins Monday 1 February 2016

Reception Students Dismissed  At 12:30 pm During The First Week of Term 1, 2016

Between 12:30 pm And 4:00 pm Each Day In Week 1 Term 1, 2016, Meetings Between Reception Teachers And Parents

BYOD Christmas shopping?  

Remember that students,  particularly all Yrs 3-7,  are encouraged to have their own personal digital device at school in 2016. We have broadened our  BYOD program beyond iPads to any device that  students can effectively work with. Phones and iPods are not considered to be daily go to devices for students to work with most of the time.  

We still recommend iPads for their easy accessibility and durability. iPad Minis have proven to be very good value. While there are junior primary students who bring mobile devices to school, there is no pressure for parents of our youngest students to  provide such devices.