Congratulations to all our Year 7 students. We are sad to see you moving on but wish you all the best in your future  learning and relationships. We love the way you conducted yourselves as learners and citizens. Our younger students really could look up to so many good roll models.

Our Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 10 December was another memorable event; an evening of acknowledgements and celebration.   Mr Marshall talked about the great team efforts, R-7, from all teachers and SSOs, to bring about strong learning growth for all students. He talked about the important team efforts of parents and peers that help build students’ learning capacity and the strong culture we have at Woodend.  A key observation from Mr Marshall was that the  learning journey was about students becoming more mindful of what is happening around them and within them and being able to respond in increasingly sophisticated ways to  this growing awareness.  This was about being focused on learning how to learn and continuing to  do that as a life long pursuit.

There were speeches from many others:  Karen Gunton (Governing Council Chairperson), April Grey and Trent Denning (SRC Leaders), all the  class teachers of the Year 7 students, a pair of Valedictory Speakers from each class;  every student introduced another student; a musical interlude was performed by four students; and our Academic and Citizenship Awards were presented by Deputy Principals, Fay Magias and Jane-Ann Natar.

This was followed by a formal and fun dance demonstration and then the Year 7 social.  The final part of the graduation celebrations was the Farewell Assembly which took place on Friday 11 December.

Students introduced each other and were then individually presented with their memento, which included the   Year 7  magazine.Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.55.55 pmDSC_0566

Minh, Ella, Matthew and Zac performed.


 DSC_0074Governing Council Chairperson Karen Gunton, thanked all teachers  on behalf  of parents.


SRC Leaders Trent (Yr 6!) and April , spoke about  the SRC focus on managing impulses  and generating questions. They also thanked the other members of their leadership team.


DSC_0578 Valedictory speakers for Liz Armanas’ class: Sara and Alex


Valedictory speakers for Aimee Aparicio’s class: Emily and Iman


Valedictory speakers for Jarrod Lamshed and Felicity Shevchenko’s class: Ella and Miles


Valedictory speakers for Don Zampogna’s class: Emma and Minh


Valedictory speakers for Merry Whelan’s class: Calvin and Ella


Deputy Principals Fay Magias and Jane-Ann Natar presented the  special awards.  We were very pleased that Fay was able to be part of this evening and that she was able to symbolically hand over to Jane-Ann, who will be our Deputy  Principal for the next five years.

  • The ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD was presented to students achieving academic excellence, working towards greater influence on others’ learning and  working towards greater participation in all learning activities.

    Congratulations Academic Achievement Award Winners: Samantha Black, Emily Chybinski and Minh Nguyen

  • The CITIZENSHIP AWARD Citizenship Award was presented to students making significant contributions for the benefit of others. This included having a positive influence on the learning of others.

    Congratulations Citizenship Award Winners: Patrick Hann, Ella Hadley, April Grey, Adele  Cocks, Briarne Kliems-Carlaw



DSC_0665DSC_0032 Thank you to Don, Merry, Jarrod, Felicity, Aimee and Liz  for another fabulous sustained team effort.  Diedre Hauber, learning support manager, is also a valued member of the Yr 6/7 teacher team and we thank her for her efforts.


The Graduation Cake was a lovely focal point for the photos and it was also delicious! Thank you so much to Sandra Davies for creating such an impressive addition to our special celebrations.

rm 17 Room 17 Rm 19 Room 19Rm 25 Room 25rm 28 Room 28rm 29 Room 29


IMG_4818IMG_4824Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.39.41 pm

IMG_4533 IMG_4555 IMG_4561Thank you to Cate Ellis, Sharyn  Paris, David Aparicio  and our  volunteer parents for their terrific work with students on the Year 7  Memento Project.  This year’s project was the development of the 20th birthday History Trail.  Students created 10 history station markers ( some inside and most outside), many of which have  mosaic tiles embellishing them.  The actual history information has been created on a history trail blog which may be access via  QR codes on every station marker.  The project brief was for the year 7 students to make a start on this  digital space so that others may build on it from now on.  Our school is full of wonderful mementos made by our past students. We love it that our old scholars  still feel so close to our school and proud of having been students here.

IMG_4817Thank you to Tash, Harry and Toby, our very  terrific sound technicians for their work on the graduation ceremony and the farewell assembly.