December, January  and February are  big harvesting months in our Kitchen Garden and we are inviting families to come along and take part in the harvest. Our Garden and Kitchen specialists, Amanda and Monina are usually very active in the garden, during  the holidays, keeping everything well looked after and then harvesting the abundant fruit and veg and processing it for later use in our Kitchen Garden Program.  We know that there are families who would love to be part  of this.

We are keen to include more families in the harvest during these peak months. If you would like to help pick fruit and veg, water,  prepare  and process the produce for later use, please visit the Woodend Kitchen Garden Facebook site, where Monina and Amanda will organise a roster around when they will be in the garden and kitchen.

Usually harvesting is early morning, before it gets too hot. We would love to see lots of families of students involved in the program, however, we are happy for any  family to take part.

Our recent Review of The Kitchen Garden  program affirmed  how much we value the program, and also pointed to some improvements we will make to better harness the energy and expertise of  volunteers, teachers, students and  the specialists.  In the new year we will report on the review and outline the initiatives which we hope will make this program even better than it has been.  In the meantime we would like to take a step forward and say the harvest  is ours to enjoy and manage… Please put your name down and let others know … Our Garden is Open and  our specialists will help you  and your children experience the 2016  harvest.