Right from the start the goal for the 20th Birthday Fair has been to have a memorable, enjoyable school community event.  The 20th Birthday Fair Committee has put in a very fantastic effort that has created optimum conditions for success.  One look at the program and you can see some serious effort has gone into this event.

What a Committee

We sincerely thank the committee for their very generous efforts:

  • Sharyn Paris
  • Karen Mooney
  • Dana Pentland
  • Cathie Luke
  • Gill Birch
  • Robyn Cavallaro
  • Kelli Dudley
  • Vicki Gregory
  • Erika Glovitch
  • Kym Sard
  • David Ranger
  • Angela Burrows who has coordinated the committee and worked tirelessly to ensure everything has been followed up and nothing left to chance.

Pictured  above are members of the committee with students and the 20th Birthday Mural that Sharyn Paris has created.  Pictured below: Leaving their mark: all students have left their paint  print on the mural.  Past students will have an opportunity to leave their paint prints on the mural at 12:30 pm on Saturday in Room 13, which will be where the fantastic  school history display will be.Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.11.03 pm

School History

A big thank you to Pru Riggs for all her work over the years to curate the photos from every event  and organise them on our website for all to access. Pru has create  many pages on the website that give every visitor to the site a great sense of what has happened and what has changed over time.  We also have all of our  archival photos organised on our internal network thanks to Pru.

We also thank Jenny Cullen for her efforts a couple of years ago to create a visual history of the school, which the committee has drawn on and enhanced into a wonderful display.  A big thank you to David  Ranger and Sharyn Paris for their superb efforts organising this display and the 20 minute  slide show that accompanies it.

IMG_4490Woodend History Trail

You may have noticed these timber bollards around the school and wondered what was their purpose. The school letterbox has also been painted.  There are also mosaic plaques appearing in other places.  These  are all linked and all have at least two comment  design features which you may work out, once they are completed later in the year.  They are all station markers for the Woodend History Trail that is being created by the Yr 7 students of 2015 as their memento project.

This trail can be accessed by scanning the QR codes which will appear on the station markers from tomorrow. The information pages have been created by the Year 7 students  and they will improve  what’s on that blog, over coming few weeks.  This is a work in progress, and we expect that as the years roll on, it will grow into a rich resource, which hopefully will have  many  contributors.  If you have any photos or stories that might suit,  please make a comment on the blog when you have access to the trail.

IMG_4423A big thank you to Nathan Hyland who very generously donated his time and expertise to transform big blocks of timber into those lovely bollards.

Staff  and students have all put great effort into making their stalls a success. They have also been well supported by  Parent Network reps and families.  we Do have some very creative people in this community!  We thank you all and hope it all goes really well tomorrow.

The weather forecast is favourable and it should be a fabulous day. Let’s enjoy celebrating together!