IMG_4503We could not have dreamt of a better day than we experienced for our 20th Birthday  Fair on Saturday.  The overwhelming sentiment  from visitors was: What a lovely school. What a lovely school community. What a great event.

We know there is so much pride in this school and it was so lovely to feel that vibe so strongly on the day.  The efforts that parents, staff and students put in to making this a really enjoyable, rewarding day were impressive.  Once again a big thank you to the organising committee and Angela for her coordination.IMG_4508

It was great to see so many past students there. Many took the opportunity to leave their mark on the birthday mural which will be on display in the school office window soon.  Our object was to create a long lasting positive memory of our school community in our 20th year. We certainly did that very well. In addition we also made a very worth while profit, which is a lovely bonus.

IMG_4513 Thank you to Emily Charles for contributing photos to the display below. More photos to come soon.



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