NAPLAN is a national literacy and numeracy assessment that students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit each year. It is the only national assessment all Australian students have the opportunity to undertake. NAPLAN assesses the literacy and numeracy skills that students are learning through the school curriculum and allows parents/carers to see how their child is progressing against national standards and over time.

NAPLAN is just one aspect of a school’s assessment and reporting process. It doesn’t replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance, but it can provide teachers with additional information about students’ educational progress.

NAPLAN also provides schools, education authorities and governments with information about how education programs are working and whether young Australians are achieving important educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

(National Assessment Program 2022)

This year, the NAPLAN testing window is from 13th–25th March. The Coordinated Practice Test will take place on Tuesday 27th February in classrooms. Year 3 and Year 5 classroom teachers will share more information in the lead up to the test window.

Please find attached information for Parents and Carers, including the 2024 Privacy Collection Notice.

NAPLAN Parent/Carer Information 

NAPLAN Parent/Carer Information – Simple English 

NAPLAN 2024 Privacy Collection Notice