Thank you to all families who have been mindful of student safety at drop off and pick up. We ALL need to prioritise safety above convenience and abide by all traffic and parking rules in the streets around our school.

Modelling safe behaviour when crossing the road is essential in developing safe practices with children. All children (and adults), must cross at the designated crossings on Young Street and/or Edward Beck Drive. Please do not cross elsewhere.

We very highly recommend families and students walk, ride, or scoot to school as the weather permits. Remember that there is parking along Woodend Way or Hugh Johnson Reserve, providing a safe and short walk to school.


The Kiss & Go Zone is a 2 min only drop off & pick up zone: 8:30-9am and 2:30-3:30pm and to be used only for quick drop off and pick up. Please see the Marion Council Brochure here.


Can I leave my car to assist children getting into/out of car?

You are not allowed to leave your car unattended in the Kiss & Go Zone –  you may certainly get out of your car to assist children when necessary: please do not loiter (i.e. do not wait to watch your children walk all the way to their classrooms)

What if my child needs to enter/exit the car on the driver’s side?

Best practice is for children to enter/exit the car on the passenger side and this is what our students learn at the road safety school. It is a highly unsafe practice to use the passenger side for children to enter or exit the vehicle. However, if your child must enter/exit the car on the driver’s side we urge you to use your own judgement and caution in the Kiss & Go – just as you would if you were parking – and get out of the car to assist them to enter/exit the car safely.

Can’t staff or parent volunteers direct/monitor traffic so it moves smoothly?

No. Staff and parents are not allowed to monitor/police/direct traffic. Staff are in the zone to monitor and supervise children. Police and/or Marion Council have the job of monitoring/policing traffic. From time to time they are present and may give tickets/warnings.

Can’t we create more parking?

No. The authority for local street parking falls under Marion Council as per local traffic regulations. Local reserves will not be used for parking.

Who do I contact if I have noticed / experienced a traffic issue?

Marion council are responsible for local traffic restrictions. If you see something of concern, please contact them. The free app Snap Send Solve is an easy way to shoot a message off to Marion Council about the concern you’ve witnessed (eg parking in a no parking zone) or contact via website.

Thank you for the efforts you make to ensure the safety of our students and families.