Tomorrow, 6 February is  Safer Internet Day , a day established to raise awareness of online safety issues. The eSafety Commissioner leads the initiative in Australia.

This Safer Internet Day the eSafety Commissioner is encouraging all Australians to take three simple actions when approaching online safety:

Connect. Reflect. Protect.

Connect safely by keeping apps and devices secure and reviewing your privacy settings regularly.

Reflect on how your actions online may affect others or your safety.

Protect yourself and others by visiting to find out how to stay safe online and report online abuse.

The eSafety Commissioner website has information and resources specifically designed for parents, kids, educators, young people, women, first nations, seniors, community and industry.

The parent section has the following content to support you in keeping your children safe in online spaces.

We trust that you will find useful tools and resources to help you Connect, Reflect and Protect your family.

At school, our students will be developing a resource to explain our school Internet User Agreement. We are aware that our agreements are quite lengthy and difficult for young students to understand. Each class is tasked with the job of unpacking one section of the agreement and expressing it in a way all students will understand. Thanks to Dave, who will work with students to create a video resource to make sense of our agreement.

We look forward to sharing the end result.