Be Bold, Be Different, Be You!
In a world where conformity prevails, three children find happiness in playing various sports and games together, relishing the freedom to pursue what brings them joy. However, societal pressure from friends and sporting groups compels them to conform and restricts their exploration of different activities, leaving them feeling isolated. Despite repeated attempts to break free, they are pushed away, struggling to find a sense of belonging. Eventually, the realization dawns upon their peers that embracing new experiences collectively could lead to an incredible journey filled with love and fulfilment.  

The hard work of 52 students from years 4-6 has culminated over the past few terms in the creation of a stage-ready dance performance set to take place at the prestigious Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The culmination of their efforts will be showcased on the evening of Thursday, September 21st.

The journey to this point has been filled with dedication and determination. Upon their arrival at the theatre, the students will embark on a full day of preparations leading up to their night-time performance. The process will commence with the setup of their designated space within the theatre. The stage, a realm of excitement and anticipation, will be their next destination. Here, they will engage in several run-throughs to fine-tune the staging, projections, and lighting, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly.

As the time draws closer, the atmosphere will be charged with both excitement and nerves. Hair and makeup will be meticulously attended to, leaving no detail overlooked. An intriguing tradition precedes the main event: a pre-stage ritual where the students, and even their teachers, dance together to shake off any lingering butterflies and nervous energy.

And then, the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives—showtime. The spotlight will belong to the students as they take their rightful place on the stage, ready to shine in the limelight. This performance is a culmination of teamwork, practice, and passion, and it’s set to captivate the audience with a glimpse of their hard work and dedication.

Consider this a sneak peek of the incredible performance that awaits.
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