Here is all you need to know about Sports Day from our friendly canteen staff:

***  Sports Day Friday 11th November 2022 ***

The Sports Day Sausage Sizzle is back!!!  So too are drinks and treats! These are the items that are available and can be ordered on QKR:
Sausage Sizzle – sausage, bread and sauce                   $3.00
Water                                                                                       $1.50
Oak Milk                                                                                  $2.50
Juice Box                                                                                $2.50
Golden North Icecream Cups                                              $2.00
Lemonade Juicies                                                                 $1.50
Place your orders on QKR for yourself and your child/children.  Orders close this Sunday 6th November.
No normal lunch orders available on Sports Day.
On the day, your sausages, drinks and frozen treats will be delivered to your child’s classroom. Sauce will be available to add in the classroom.
Only limited sausages, drinks and cold items will be available to buy on the day so please order on QKR to avoid disappointment.  Venues to buy items will be:
– Canteen
– Sports Shed (oval)
These will be open at recess and lunch times.  Eftpos facilities ONLY at the Sports Shed for purchases.
A coffee van will be available.
We would really appreciate more volunteers to help the day run smoothly in the canteen.  There is an option on QKR or on the Newblog to volunteer.  A big thank you to those who have offered to volunteer. We will be in contact to organise a time that suits you.  Thank you in advance 👏🙂