On Monday, 27th of June the year 5/6s in rooms 17 and 29 gathered at Field River to help Deb from Greening Australia and Henry from Green Adelaide restore the natural environment and make it much more green by planting gum trees and shrubs. This also helps native wildlife by letting them have resources that they can live off.

It all started with a Welcome to Country by Aisha and Darren from the RAW group. The RAW group then taught us many meanings of words and important things about Kaurna land so that we knew more about their culture and to make sure we respected that they are the traditional owners of the land.

Once we got out in the bush Deb and Henry taught us how to plant future trees and shrubs. They showed us a little tip on how to get the plant out of the plastic tube without breaking it. They said to either squish the plastic tubes or tap the top of the tube with a small shovel. 

Once they finished explaining we started to plant. We planted SO MANY trees and shrubs and made sure to pick up all of our plastic tubes so we could reuse them in the future.

We all had so much fun helping the environment and it made us feel grateful that we had the chance to rebuild the Field River area and we hope that we can help another place in the future.

Our muddy shoes and clothes were all worth it helping out the environment beneath our toes.