Yesterday and today, children and staff from Woodend Children’s Centre came to visit to see what some classes have been doing for STEAM Week.  The Tuesday group of children helped to count rubbish collections to see how much plastic we use each day in a classroom.  They saw a remote control robot and listened to how long it took to make, and they saw scrunch bin design covers in Design and Technology.  WCC Wednesday group listened to a story of how we can save the sea, they saw Year 6/7 students as ‘scientists’ writing information reports and they visited a Japanese classroom where the students were drawing their favourite Japanese food as a wrapping for a Bento box.  Thank you for visiting WCC children!

Today a teacher and science enthusiast, Laura Fazzalari, worked with the Year 2/3 and 3 classes.  Her sessions complemented the work of those classes in regards to insects and in particular, bees and pollination.  Laura worked on what constitutes an insect, its parts, and showed her pet stick insect.  The children used magnifying glasses to find insects in our school garden and tried to classify them.  The children became skilled at identifying the difference between insects and other garden creatures.