If you have been into the front office this term you will have noticed builders plastic through the corridor. The plastic covering is due to a long overdue upgrade to the air conditioning system in the main building, which is now ready to begin. We are all looking forward to the benefits of the new system but in the meantime will need to accomodate some disruption to all spaces in the main building throughout the remainder of the term and possibly into next term. Work will be staged and classes will be relocated for a period of 2-3 weeks while the system is replaced in each section of the building. Teaching and learning programs will continue in alternate venues and we are fortunate to have teachers who are flexible and more than able to adapt their programs to ensure smooth transition to the spaces available while maintaining rigorous learning  for their students. As you may be aware, teaching and learning spaces are limited at the school and we will endeavour to move only 2 classes at a time. Classes will utilise The Studio  and other spaces in the school while they are out of their classrooms.

Stage 1 begins on Monday with Rooms 15 and 16 beginning their transition to the Studio this afternoon.

Next week, during the school closure and pupil free days a crane will be brought in to remove the old units from the roof and place the new ones ready for installation.

There will be some disruptions to the front office later in the project and we are hopeful these will take place during the school holidays. We will keep you informed as we know more.