Hi Parents,

From this Wednesday, 28th Feb the School Banking will no longer be using tokens as part of the program.

From discussion with parent volunteers and the school banking representative it has been decided to try to streamline the amount of time school banking volunteers take each week to process.

If your child keeps their tokens in their banking wallet these will not be taken out, they are more than welcome to keep what they have. We will just not be putting any more into banking wallets.

In order for students and parents to keep track of each child’s token count volunteers will still be popping an order leaflet in students books when ready to order.

You can also download the NEW School Banking app to keep track of tokens. We have provided information on how to do this below.

We are always seeking new volunteers to help with processing. Processing is completed most Wednesday mornings in the meeting room next to the office. Please pop in say hello and we can show you how it all works.

If you have any questions please speak to a Parent Network representative alternatively we can pass onto you our Commonwealth Bank School Banking Representatives contact details.

We thank you for having your child enrolled in this program and are hoping by streamlining the process for volunteers it will be less demanding and keep mistakes to a minimum.

How to download the CommBank Youth App:

Download the CommBank Youth app on any iOS 9+ device at the AppStore Your child can securely log on to the CommBank Youth app using their NetBank client number. If you can see your child’s account in your NetBank or CommBank app, you can set this up online. Otherwise, we can set this up in branch. You’ll just need to bring along personal ID, like your driver’s licence and child’s birth certificate.